Read all about the effects of indoor plants on our Health here.

You’ve probably heard it; plants are good for you. But what exactly do they do for us?

An infinite number of studies have been conducted into the effect of plants on us.Zoveel zelfs dat je bijna ‘door de bomen het bos niet meer ziet’ oftewel in ons geval ‘door de planten, de jungle niet meer…’

I have compiled the most important results and listed them for you in two brand new blogs.

In this blog you will read all about the positive effects on our physical health (and in the
next blog we will tell you all about the positive effects on our mental health).

Let’s go! I’m taking you on a ……journey of discovery.

Bye gray concrete! Hello green plant!

According to scientists more and more people have started living in cities or in an environment with little greenery – also called urbanization – this leads to people having less and less nature around them. All that asphalt and gray concrete (read “unnatural materials”) have a bad effect on our health and well-being.

Nature must therefore return to the living environment of humans. Researchers have discovered that indoor plants have a very positive effect on our health and there are quite a few! Do you have a minute?

Effects on physical health

Plants ensure better air quality.

Green houseplants remove harmful substances from the air, increase the humidity and produce oxygen. Hello fresh air! Plants in the house also reduce the risk of a cold and a stuffy nose by up to 30 percent. Yippee finally an easy way to stay healthy through the winter!

Plants prevent allergies

Do you have kids? Then plants are a great idea. Those who grow up in a house with plants from an early age have a smaller risk of allergies. Nice!

Good night!

Indoor plants provide a better air climate in your bedroom and more oxygen. Together with the calming properties of plants, they contribute to a better night’s sleep. and … zzzzz great relaxation can begin!

No headaches

Plants reduce the risk of headaches, depression and also lower blood pressure. Great news right?

Doing well

In short; we spend a lot of time indoors. Plants are a relatively cheap way to feel connected with nature and to feel fit (no need to buy an expensive device or vitamin pills).

Anyone who has Anthuriums or other green plants at home is doing very well!

But this is not all … in the next blog we will surprise you with even more facts about indoor plants and health.

Stay tuned!

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