Hello and Welcome! It is so nice that you are here. We would like to introduce you to a very special plant, the cheerful Anthurium.

It is strong and bold, but at the same time it is a very elegant plant. Anthurium plants do not need a lot of care but they are still one of the longest-lasting blooming houseplants. Haven’t got green fingers? No problem! Anthurium plants bring long lasting joy and happiness for everyone.

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Keep reading for more fun facts and bright ideas about this tropical plant.

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This plant is a KEEPER…

Discover the longest flowering houseplant on our website and why the Anthurium has conquered our hearts! Plants in the house are not only beautiful, but also provide many benefits for our health (see Blog 1 & Blog 2). Doesn’t that make you happy? Green is hip. Green is healthy. Go on, do it!! Get some houseplants?


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